ES 224M Introduction to the African Diaspora

Fall 2018

What is the African Diaspora? What can studying the African Diaspora teach us about culture, migration, economics and history? What do the contributions of anthropologists who study the African Diaspora teach us about Anthropology as a discipline? The Anthropology of the African Diaspora includes folklore, film, dance, oral histories, and rich ethnographies of Afro-Diasporic identities, social life and and culture. This course draws from a broad range of texts in the anthropological study of the African Diaspora to consider answers to these leading questions.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1. Articulate the primary debates present within the framework of an anthropology of the African Diaspora
2. Identify key figures within and their contributions to the anthropology of the African Diaspora
3. Articulate major themes, questions and concerns present within historical and contemporary ethnographies treating the African Diaspora

This course counts towards Social Science General Education and Multicultural requirements.


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