ES 360 Black Sexual Politics

Fall 2021
IRES major
IRES minor

Black Sexual Politics explores the gender and sexuality politics that influence the social, political, economic and cultural development of black communities in the diaspora, including the United States. Special attention is given to heteropatriarchy and white supremacy as interlocking systems of domination that shape the realities of and resistance to black gender conventions.Topics addressed may include, but are not limited to: dominant cultural myths of black sexualities, black women’s reproductive rights/freedom, black cultural practices/arts, respectability politics, black feminisms, black masculinities, Black Queer Theory, Black Trans Studies.

Students will learn how: Black histories and experiences in the diaspora and in the U.S. are shaped by and diverge based upon race/ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, sexuality and generation; 2) Gender and sexuality inform the formations, articulations and performances of black identities; 3) Racism has shaped gender roles expectations in black communities; 4) Racism has affected notions of black sexualities within African-America; 5)The gendered ways racism has been contested politically and culturally by black men and women; 6) Black activists, artists and intellectuals have staged interventions into mainstream feminist and queer theory and politics.