ES 380 Race, Migration, and Rights

Winter 2021
IRES major
IRES minor

This course engages in the critical practice of “thinking spatially” about queer identity, representation, and community. We will read a diverse body of scholarship—drawing on such fields as philosophy, literary criticism, human geography, and cultural studies—in order to build a broad analytic base for interrogating queer social life and representation. Two central framing devices for this course will be mobility and scale. This means that we will be examining queer social life not only as it takes place and makes space somewhere, but also as it manifests itself across space and time and to different degrees and proportions. We will explore such spatialized practices as “cruising for sex” and moving away from home in order to be queer, as well as reflect on international migrations and the conundrums of internationalizing U.S. gay and lesbian identity politics. We will also attend to the process by which queers “make space” through ephemeral identity performances and through the more sedimented tactics of queer community-making.