SPAN 690 Afro-Latin Literature

Spring 2021
IRES major
IRES minor
Latin American Studies minor

Class to be conducted in Spanish. 

This course will focus on analysis of literature and films by Afro-Latin American authors, accompanied by a discussion of key theoretical and literary works about blackness and racialization in Latin America. We will focus on the Caribbean, but will also consider Central and South America, especially Brazil. We will cover phenomena such as slavery, abolition and Black citizenship, “whitening,” scientific racism and ideas of “racial democracy,” the negritud  and negrismo movements, literature of protest, and postcolonial approaches to understanding the African diaspora in Latin America. We will concentrate our analysis on nineteenth and twentieth-century works, considering how notions of Afro-Latin American culture, race, and identity are constructed in response to social and historical phenomena, and in turn remake and change both national and regional intellectual movements. The course will be taught in Spanish (most works are available in English translation). Students who are comfortable accompanying the discussion and course material in Spanish are welcome to participate in the language in which they are most comfortable.