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Cross-Published Courses

What are cross-published courses?

Cross-published courses may count for credit in multiple disciplines, but have subject codes specific to one. For example, in Spring 2018, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offered the course WGS 399 – Black Feminist Theory, taught by Professor Roach. Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies cross-published this course in and it counted toward achieving an ES major or minor. It appeared in a search in the drop-down menu under “ES” on . There are a few restrictions to cross-published course credits explained below.


Why choose cross-published courses?

Ethnic studies originated in the interdisciplinary and comparative study of ethnicity, indigeneity, race, and racism in the United States. Due to its interdisciplinary roots, Ethnic Studies scholarship occasionally overlaps with other disciplines. The Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies Department has carefully chosen the cross-published courses listed below for students to consider while pursuing their Ethnic Studies major or minor. It has been determined that the content of these courses is satisfactory in the standards of the Department and will count for credit when pursuing both a major and minor. Click here to see the major and minor requirements for obtaining an Ethnic Studies degree. A maximum of 12 credits in cross-published courses may be applied to a major in Ethnic Studies, and a maximum of 6 for the minor.


Term CRN Course Instructor Course Title Fulfills Syllabus
Spring 2018 36001 ENG 488/588 Kirby Brown Native American Film and literature N/A
Spring 2018 36503 HIST 411 Jeffrey Ostler Founding America N/A
Spring 2018 36534 HIST 608 Jeffrey Ostler Settler Colonialism N/A
Spring 2018 32028 PS 109 Politics Science and Body N/A
Spring 2018 35765 SOC 355 Oluwakemi "Kemi" Balogun Sociology of Gender N/A
Spring 2018 36368 TA 472 Michael Najjar Middle Eastern Theater N/A
Spring 2018 36369 TA 572 Michael Najjar Middle Eastern Theater N/A
Spring 2018 36185 WGS 399 Black Feminist Theories N/A
Spring 2018 36187 WGS 422 Queers of Color Performance N/A
Spring 2018 36814 WGS 522 Queers of Color Performance N/A
Winter 2018 26659 ANTH 414 Ana-Maurine Lara Activist Anthropology N/A
Winter 2018 22182 CINE 320 Beginning of Cinema N/A
Winter 2018 22743 ENG 361 Kirby Brown Native American Writers N/A
Winter 2018 26841 ENG 363 Sarah D. Wald Chicano and Latino Writers N/A
Winter 2018 22766 ENG 486 Tara Fickle Media and Digital Culture N/A