Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies 

The Graduate Certificate Program Begins Fall 2020 

The certificate in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies allows graduate students across campus to develop expertise in areas of indigeneity, racial inequality, and social justice. Graduate students acquire tools to address their own disciplinary research from a transdisciplinary and intersectional perspective and will generate scholarship with greater social impact. The accomplishment of a certified mastery of work in IRES will enhance their skillset and better position graduate students for the academic or professional job market. 

Program Requirements:
The Graduate Certificate in IRES requires 26 credits in courses approved by the IRES Graduate Director. Graduate students will develop their curriculum plans with the ES Graduate Director to best complement individual needs and goals for their graduate studies.  

Students must take:

One course from ES Core Courses.                                       5 credits
(ES 615, 616, or 617)                                             

One course from ES Substantive Courses                             5 credits
(ES 620, 621, 623, or 624)  

Four ES Elective Courses (500 or 600 Level)                 16-20 credits
(May include courses taught outside of ES by ES Graduate Faculty)

TOTAL:                                                                            26-30 credits


Courses must be taken for a letter grade and must be completed with a B+ or better. A total of two courses can count for both the IRES certificate and another credential. With the Director’s approval, other relevant courses (not included in the above description) may count toward the graduate certificate.  

How To Apply:

Applications will begin in Fall 2020. 

Successful admission requires current standing in any University of Oregon MA or PhD program, and an approved application with a prospective plan of study. 

Application Materials Include: Stay tuned for application materials. 


More information coming soon; if you have any questions, please contact