PhD In IRES   

Graduate students in the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies join a diverse and dynamic community of scholars dedicated to pursuing transformative knowledge through original research and community engagement. We train scholars in transdisciplinary, intersectional, and creative scholarship. Students receive a comprehensive course of study grounded in the lives of Indigenous communities and people of color.   

Graduate students work closely with faculty mentors to customize a program of study that enables a comprehensive breadth and depth within core fields of ethnic studies, and that prepares students for their post-PhD careers. Doctoral areas of specialization include: Women of Color and Indigenous feminisms, queer race studies, Latinx and Chicanx studies, media and sports studies, literary and cultural studies, carceral studies, Environmental justice, Indigenous and racial formations, comparative race relations, and social justice activism.  

All incoming students receive financial support primarily in the form of graduate employment for five-years, including tuition and fees. Graduate student employees are unionized under the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. 


PhD Program Structure

Graduate Student Funding and Tuition 

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