Graduate Studies

The Ph.D. in IRES is officially approved!!

The PhD in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies trains scholars in cutting edge transdisciplinary, intersectional, and creative scholarship.  

Applications will open in Spring 2020 with a deadline of December 15, 2020.  

Our first cohort will begin fall term 2021. 

The program offers a comprehensive course of study designed for students interested in researching and analyzing one or more of the following core areas: (1) subjugated knowledge and marginalized subjectivities, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality; (2) the experiences of communities of color and Indigenous people as they negotiate and resist systems of oppression and social stratification; (3) the adequacy of existing scholarly conventions, methods, and theoretical paradigms for the study of minoritized and disenfranchised populations; (4) the impact of dominant national discourses, policies and practices as they relate to colonialism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, imperialism, and capitalism; (5) the role of creative cultural production, including the consumption of popular culture, in negotiating multiple forms of oppression; and (6) the challenges and possibilities posed by collective and insurgent forms of social justice activism.  

5 Year Program with 5-Years of Funding 

This program is intended for students who have already completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree and who have significant experience studying race, ethnicity, and indigeneity. 

Required Core and Substantive Courses Include: 

  • 614. Colloquium  
  • ES 615. Theoretical Foundations in Ethnic Studies  
  • ES 616. Interdisciplinary Methodologies  
  • ES 617. Histories of Ethnic Studies  
  • ES 620. Race, Space, and Power   
  • ES 621. Cultural Production   
  • ES 622. Resistance and Dissent   
  • ES 623. Race and Sexuality 

More information on eligibility and the application process is coming soon!