Graduate Studies

We are in the process of developing a Ph.D. program in Ethnic Studies that will provide advanced interdisciplinary training in the comparative study of race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity. We hope to open applications in AY 2020-21 for an anticipated start date of Fall 2021.  

The program will offer a comprehensive course of study designed for students interested in researching and analyzing one or more of the following core areas: (1) subjugated knowledge and marginalized subjectivities, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality; (2) the experiences of communities of color and Indigenous people as they negotiate and resist systems of oppression and social stratification; (3) the adequacy of existing scholarly conventions, methods, and theoretical paradigms for the study of minoritized and disenfranchised populations; (4) the impact of dominant national discourses, policies and practices as they relate to colonialism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, imperialism, and capitalism; (5) the role of creative cultural production, including the consumption of popular culture, in negotiating multiple forms of oppression; and (6) the challenges and possibilities posed by collective and insurgent forms of social justice activism.  

Current ES Graduate Courses:  

  • ES 507. Queer Ethnic Literature 
  • ES 510. Queer Migrations 
  • ES 540. Race, Literature, and Culture: [Topic] 
  • ES 542. Caribbean Literature and Politics 
  • ES 550. Race and Incarceration 
  • ES 552. Race and Ethnicity and the Law: [Topic] 
  • ES 556. History of Native American Education 
  • ES 560. Race, Culture, Empire: [Topic] 
  • ES 605. Reading and Conference: [Topic] (1-9 Credits) 
  • ES 607. Seminar: [Topic] (1-5 Credits) 
  • ES 607. Queer Ethnic Studies  
  • ES 610. Experimental Course: [Topic] (1-5 Credits) 

Graduate Courses Taught by Participating Faculty:

  • ANTH 540: Activist Anthropology 
  • EDST 663: Education and Immigration 
  • ENG 660. Race, Nation, and the Politics of Belonging in the Ethnic American Bildungsroman.  
  • ENG 660.  Native American Writing from Allotment to the Renaissance, 1887-1968.  
  • ENG 660. Ethnic Impersonation    
  • ENG 660. Studies in Race and Ethnicity   
  • ENG 660. Border Studies 
  • ENG 660. Urban Latina/o Literature: Los Angeles  
  • ENG 660. Latina/o Speculative Realism and Environmental Justice 
  • ENG 660. American Literature: Ecocritical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity. 
  • ENG 695. Performance and Racialized Sexualities 
  • HIST 507. Global Migrations 
  • HIST 507. Crossing Borders: International and Transnational Histories 
  • HIST 569. Indian Removal 
  • HIST 608. Genocide in World History 
  • HIST 608. Native American History 
  • SOC 552. Sociology of Migration 
  • SOC 644. Sociology of Race 
  • TA  670. Intercultural Theater 
  • TA 670. Middle Eastern Theater 
  • TA 670. Arab American Theater 
  • PS 607. Identities and Politics  
  • PS 607. US Political Culture 

Anticipated New ES Graduate Courses: 

  • ES 614. Colloquium 
  • ES 615. Theoretical Foundations in Ethnic Studies 
  • ES 616. Interdisciplinary Methodologies 
  • ES 617. Histories of Ethnic Studies 
  • ES 620. Race, Space, and Power  
  • ES 621. Cultural Production  
  • ES 622. Resistance and Dissent  
  • ES 623. Race and Sexuality