Producing Literature and Film for Queer Latinx Youth

October 13, 2018 — On Saturday, 13 October 2018, the Ethnic Studies Department hosted a book celebration and film discussion in honor of the groundbreaking new bilingual queer Latinx children’s book, When We Love Somebody We Sing to Them (2018, Reflection Press), and the short film that it inspired, La Serenata (soon to be released). Panelists at this event included Ernesto Martínez, queer Chicano-Rican writer of both works and professor of Ethnic Studies at UO; Maya Christina González, award-winning queer Chicana illustrator, author, educator, and founder of the independent Reflection Press; and Adelina Anthony, acclaimed Two Spirit Xicana Lesbiana actor, writer, teaching artist, and director and producer of La Serenata. 

The book and film project respond to the urgency to create stories that validate queer Latinx youth, honor Latinx and indigenous storytelling traditions, and affirm queer history and presence in Latinx families and communities. Discussion at the event moved the audience with critical reflections on the creative process: speaking to the challenges of how to address intimate and historical traumas without reproducing them; how to heal generational and communal rifts in substantive ways; and how to mobilize the creative arts in struggles for social justice for our selves, our children, our elders, and our communities.