Abram Fernandez

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  • Title: M.A.
  • Interests: Philosophy of Race, Latin American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

Cassandra Galentine

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  • Title: English Graduate Student
  • Interests: Women's Working-Class Literature, Multiethnic U.S. Literature, Environmental Justice, Critical Race Studies, New Materialism

Kathryn Norton-Smith

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Anne Reiva

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  • Title: Graduate Employee
  • Interests: History of the American West, Monuments and Memory, Native American Studies

Janeth Villa

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Jill Torres

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Olivia Wing

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  • Title: Graduate Employee
  • Interests: Asian American History, U.S. History, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Ashley Woody

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  • Title: PhD Candidate
  • Interests: Racial/Ethnic Relations, Urban Inequality, Asian American Studies