Graduate Faculty

Oluwakemi "Kemi" Balogun

Oluwakemi "Kemi" Balogun profile picture
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Globalization, nationalism, culture, race/ethnicity, immigration, embodiment, Africana Studies

Edward M. Olivos

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Jeffrey Ostler

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Priscilla Peña Ovalle

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  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Interests: media studies, race/ethnicity, dance, mainstream popular culture, media hairstyles, and more...

Gerardo Sandoval

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  • Title: Associate Professor, PPPM
  • Interests: community development, urban planning and migration, neighborhood revitalization

Lynn Stephen

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  • Title: Philip H. Knight Chair, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Anthropology
  • Interests: Gender, race and ethnicity, migration, indigenous peoples, Americas, legal pluralism, social memory, testimony, gender violence

Jessica Vasquez-Tokos

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  • Title: Professor
  • Interests: Family Life Course and Society, Race and Ethnicity, Qualitative Approaches

Sarah D Wald

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Julie Weise

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Kari Marie Norgaard

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  • Title: Professor
  • Interests: Gender, Place and Environment, Social Psychology and Interaction, Sociology of Culture, Theory Knowledge Science, Qualitative Approaches

Kirby Brown

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Christopher Chavez

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Tara Fickle

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  • Title: Assistant Professor, English Department
  • Interests: Asian/Asian American Literature, Digital Humanities, Game Studies, Graphic Fiction & Comics

Michelle Jacob

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Ana-Maurine Lara

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Joseph Lowndes

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  • Title: Professor, Political Science
  • Interests: American political development, populism, racial politics, conservatism, political culture

José Meléndez

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  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Civic engagement, Design-based research, Designing for equity, Designing learning environments, Designing participatory processes, Discourse analysis, Activity systems, Latino/a/x immigrants, Collective & system level learning, Learning Sciences

Lanie Millar

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  • Title: Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Interests: 20th-21st century Caribbean literature, Latin American literature, African literature, Lusophone literatures, Global South studies, Postcolonial studies, Critical Theory

Michael Najjar

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Priscilla Yamin

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  • Title: Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Interests: Marriage and Family Politics, American Political Development and Institutions, Race, Gender and Sexuality studies and Feminist Theory, Political Culture and Political Identity