Message from the Department Head

WDr. Laura Pulidoelcome to the new Ethnic Studies website! We have spent the past year envisioning a website that better meets the needs of our students and the larger ES community. Both the department and the larger field of ethnic studies are changing and we felt that a new website was important to keep up. 

Allow me to highlight a few of our changes:  

ES career possibilities. We know that many of you are concerned with what ES graduates can do with a degree in Ethnic Studies. We have highlighted not only various career possibilities but also courses and pathways to help students get there.  

Graduate studies. Since its inception, UO Ethnic Studies has been an undergraduate program, but this is changing. ES has two graduate initiatives underway. First, we are creating a Phd program that we hope to launch soon. Second, we have proposed a graduate certificate in Ethnic Studies for UO students from any discipline. In 2019-20 ES will begin offering graduate courses.  

Ethnic Studies in the news. This is an auspicious moment for ethnic studies as an unprecedented number of people realize its importance. Ethnic Studies can explain the heightened levels of overt white supremacy that many thought were in the past. In addition, an unprecedent number of states, school districts and high-schools are requiring ethnic studies at the K-12 level.   

We invite you to visit our webpage on a regular basis to find out what our nationally recognized faculty are doing, the kinds of projects and courses we are engaged in, and to learn where ethnic studies is headed. We also encourage you to consider donating to ES. Your contribution, regardless of size, can help fund scholarships, fieldtrips, research, events, and community collaborations. Ethnic Studies: Where Academic Excellence Meets Social Transformation.

Laura Pulido
Head and Professor, Ethnic Studies
Professor, Geography