Undergraduate Studies


For all questions, concerns, and comments regarding Undergraduate Studies in The Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies, please contact: ethnic@uoregon.edu

PLEASE NOTE: ***** In response to guidance from the Academic Council and the Office of the Provost, the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies will temporarily waive restrictions on taking ES classes P/NP for credit toward the ES major or minor. This change applies only to courses taken during the Spring 2020 term. If you are interested or plan to change your grading options for Spring 2020, please consult with a Public Policy, Society, and Identity (PPSI) Flight Path Advisor to ensure that you are making the right choice for your academic needs and to answer any questions you may have about possible effects on financial aid. *****

Students may earn a major or minor in ethnic studies. One learning outcome of the program is to raise student awareness of the racial, ethnic, and political dimensions and applications of other major fields. As such, students of literature, social sciences, education, urban planning, art history, humanities, and international studies—to name only a few—find that related ethnic studies courses can enrich their academic programs.

Upper-division courses with related subject matter offered in other departments may be included in an ethnic studies major or minor program by arrangement with a course’s instructor and the director of ethnic studies.

Specific details and course approvals must be obtained from the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies.

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