Declare an Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies Major or Minor

The process of declaring a major or minor with the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies requires interested students to first meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  There are three ways to connect with the director:

  • Drop-in during the director's office hours (Click the link to schedule through Calendly) (Preferred) 
  • Complete our short 4 question survey that generates a message to the director (recommended)
  • Schedule an appointment by email

In this meeting, the director will review the student’s Degree Audit Report for completed courses, classes needed for an Ethnic Studies major or minor degree, and identify the direction the student would like to head with their ethnic studies course selections. The director will help the student create a direction of study that is tailored to ES class offerings, the students’ interests, and what ES courses may have already been completed. Students will also receive a Major/Minor Declaration form that students must complete before any changes can be made and officially processed.