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Ethnic Studies—More Than a Major 

Students in Ethnic Studies have a unique opportunity to concentrate on how their education can help create greater social justice in our world. Ethnic Studies began as a student-led movement for curriculum uncovering the problems of racism, with the goal of reconnecting to our own communities and to traditions that are erased in white supremacist learning. Building on these origins, our department’s program of study also pays close attention to problems of gender and sexuality, heteropatriarchy, sexism, classism, settler colonialism, and genocide as they relate to race and ethnicity.  

Through the learning process, students will receive mentorship and support as they reflect on their own life histories, navigate difficult questions about dominant systems of oppression and war, and consider their own roles in transforming violence in our communities. ES students embarking on this meaningful journey together often form lifelong friendships as they move on in their lives as passionate scholars, activists, and leaders. Our majors also have access to hundreds of UO alumni working in education, non-profits, government, and business (see “Careers in Ethnic Studies”).

The Ethnic Studies Major (48 credits) and Minor (28 credits) 

We offer a range of courses across the humanities and social sciences, with particular strengths in cultural studies, history, politics, and geography. Students study a broad spectrum of topics such as social movements, immigration, sports, sexualities, incarceration, and law. Our curriculum also investigates an array of media including film, literature, music, cyberspace, and emergent forms of popular culture.  

Interested students should also ask our Director of Undergraduate Studies about a new double major opportunity with the Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies Department, as well as upper-division credit available for community and campus-based internships and approved independent study. 

Declaring an Ethnic Studies Major 

To declare an Ethnic Studies major, enter your information in the form below. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will contact you shortly to arrange a time to meet to review your transcript, answer your questions about the department, and complete the Major/Minor declaration. 

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